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Sponsorships & Support


Sponsor Programs

There are many benefits to sponsoring events at JPL. Sponsors receive mentions in all of JPL's event publicity. This includes:

  • In-house PR materials, including flyers, calendars, etc.

  • Library eNewsletter

  • Social media posts and story mentions

  • Press release to local news sources

Bronze Level - $250

Includes the benefits mentioned above.

Silver Level - $500

Includes benefits mentioned above as well as a quarter size ad space.

Gold Level - $1000

Includes benefits mentioned above as well as a half page size ad space and the opportunity to table and put out handouts at the event.

Advertise with Us

The library promotes is programs with a professionally printed quarterly brochure. The quarters are broken up as follows:

  • Winter (January-March)

  • Spring (April-June)

  • Summer (July-August)*

  • Fall (September-December)

Winter, Spring and Fall brochures are 8.5in x 11in and include adult, teen and children’s events.

Summer brochures are 6in x 9in. There are 3 separate brochures designedfor each audience (adult, teen and children).

Non-Summer Pricing

Quarter Page Ad - $250

Half Page Ad - $500

Full Page Ad - $1000

Summer Pricing*

Quarter Page Ad - $200

Half Page Ad - $400

Full Page Ad - $700

*Pricing is for placement in one brochure.

Buy a Paver

By purchasing a paver, you’ll add to the library’s distinguished entrance and create a lasting legacy for you and your business.

4x8 Paver - $200

3 lines of text @ 14 characters per line.

8x8 Paver - $750

4 lines of text @ 14 characters per line.

12x12 Paver - $1500

5 lines of text @ 14 characters per line.

BONUS! Can include your logo after engraver approval.

Purchase of a 12x12 or 8x8 also includes a 50% discount on one ad space!

The library uses a small, family owned company for the brick engraving. We cannot guarantee any specific brick installation date.

Sponsorship Application Form

Please use the form below if you would like to sponsor library programs, advertise in the quarterly brochures, or buy a paver.

Sponsorship Policy

The Board of Trustees of the Johnson Public Library believes that the library plays an essential role in the quality of life of our citizens and in this important function, the library should be supported through public funding. However, the Johnson Public Library (JPL) welcomes sponsorship from local business, corporations, families and individuals. The aim of sponsorship is to obtain funding or in-kind support to provide services and equipment that may not otherwise be available.

For more information about sponsorships and supporting the library, please contact Sarita Jain, Administrative Assistant, at 201-343-4169, ext. 25 or

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