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As one of the biggest libraries in Bergen County, and by virtue of Hackensack’s status as the county seat of Bergen County, JPL has always made sure to maintain a strong collection of local history volumes for the research-inclined members. 

The quiet study room is located in the original part of the library which opened in 1901.  This lovely, quiet room has a portrait of Senator Johnson above the non-functioning fireplace.  We house historical books about the library, the city, the county and the state in this room.  Among the titles of interest:

  • City directories for Hackensack:1879, 1898-1902, 1906-1926, 1947-1956. Some of these directories were published by the railroad companies and include other towns north of Hackensack on the railroad line.

  • Bergen County Historic Site Surveys of each town in the county.  These were published in 1983.

  • City of Hackensack Master Plan 1958, 1975, 1990

  • The Night We Stopped the Trolley by Earl Schenck Miers

  • Holy Trinity Parish, 125 years

  • The Old Church on the Green

  • New Jersey State Industrial Directory 1901-1992 (with gaps)

  • Walker Atlas of Bergen County 1876

  • The Record Index 1959-1981

  • Catalog and Bulletin of the Johnson Public Library 1901-1906

  • Black Man in the White House; Forty Years a Guinea Pig; Way Down South Up North – all by E. Frederic Morrow

For local history questions, please visit the Reference Desk or call the Reference Desk directly at 201-343-4781 

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